What jobs require an associate's degree?

posted on 11 May 2015 15:43 by chillyfactory4688
While many of today's good-paying occupations require a bachelor's degree or higher, there are still many interesting and financially rewarding jobs available that require only an associate's degree with, perhaps, other specified training.Dental HygienistA person in this profession works closely with dentists and performs clinical tasks such as aiding in tooth examinations and cleaning. If you should really want added details relevant to SITE TOPIC GOES HERE , drop by and see together with immediately.An associate's degree in dental hygiene may produce a yearly income of over $60,000.

Computer SpecialistA person with instructional experience in computer technology may desire work as a computer specialist. These people perform. See copy writer tristan mendez's page .duties such as providing technical support and network security while earning up to $60,000 annually.

ParalegalAccording to Encarta Degrees and Training.com, paralegal work offers a good first step toward going to law school or just learning about the criminal-justice system. An associate's in paralegal studies provides the basic instruction required.

Fashion DesignersAn associate's degree in either fashion design or fine arts opens the door toward a career in fashion. People who choose this profession often make over $55,000 annually while studying fashion trends and creating new clothing designs.

Other OccupationsAccording to CareerBuilder.com, other lucrative careers requiring this 2-year degree include air-traffic controllers, real-estate brokers, criminal investigators and commercial pilots.

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